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Weightlifters of Turkmenistan are preparing to participate in the Asian Championship

Turkmenistan's weightlifters are making preparations for the Asian Championship. The capital's Olympic town has the proper environment for proper training of both men's and women's teams. Yulduz Jumabayeva also takes part in the training preparations. Turkmenistan's first world weightlifting champion.

The athletes are provided with comfortable rooms in the hotel "Sport", as well as full meals. Turkmen weightlifters intend to properly represent their country at the Asian Championship. The event will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan - the city of Tashkent. The time of its holding - the middle of April. Victory in the championship will allow to show themselves at the Summer Olympics-2021, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Weightlifting competitions at the upcoming Olympics will be held according to new standards designed to ensure gender equality. For the first time in the history of the Games, Olympic medals will be contested in seven weight categories. This number is the same for both women and men. Previously, the men's group competed in eight categories.

The changes also affected the composition of the athletes. Previously, the men had to compete for 190 tickets, and the women for only 70. This time, both men and women are fighting for 98 tickets for each team.

Now it has become more difficult for weightlifters to qualify for the Olympics. Weightlifters from Turkmenistan demonstrated good results this time, which allowed them to maximize their chances of winning tickets. Apart from Y. Jumabaeva, K. Shermetova, H. Toichiev and R. Redzhepov intend to glorify their homeland at the Olympics-2021. O. Ovezov, M. Meredov, S. Mirzaev, A. Toichieva, G. Kadyrova and P. Gureeva may also be among the lucky ones. This means that the Turkmen weightlifting school was able to present a record number of candidates for the summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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