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Turkmenistan supports the intensification of the peace process in Afghanistan

In Doha, Qatar, negotiations were held on the Afghan issue, which was attended by the foreign ministers of thirty countries, delegates from world organizations and the Taliban (an organization banned in the Russian Federation). Representatives of Turkmenistan, led by Rashid Meredov, participated in the negotiation process online.

The Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan stated that he supports the intensification of the peace process in Afghanistan aimed at strengthening security and stabilization in the region. Our state has always defended the position of peaceful and diplomatic settlement of disputes and is ready to provide a political platform for resolving issues.

The Turkmen side also noted the importance of creating conditions for economic integration of Afghanistan through the implementation of infrastructure development programs in the energy, industrial, transport and communications sectors. Turkmenistan, which initiated TAPI and TAP, promotes the expansion of railways in the region and provides humanitarian assistance, plays an important role in this direction.

Our country is open to working with partners and global alliances to strengthen regional security, stability and economic prosperity.


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