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Turkmenistan fully repaid the loan to the PRC

Turkmenistan fully repaid the loan to the PRC

At the last meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Deputy Prime Minister Shakhim Abdrakhmanov provided Report on repayment of foreign credit fundswho have been engaged by the State Concern Turkmengaz for the purpose of bringing to life projects to diversify gas supplies to global markets and Building industry capacity - Turkmenistan-PRC gas pipeline, development of the Galkynysh deposit.

The deputy chairman of the Cabinet noted that on June 8, 2021. official report of the Xinjiang Division of the State Development Bank of the People's Republic of Chinainforming that the loan is fully repaid by Turkmenistan.

The President of Turkmenistan stressed that despite the difficult situation in the world economy, effective measures of Turkmenistan made it possible Maintain positive development dynamics, support the financial sustainability of the state. At the moment, large-scale programs aimed at modernization, diversification, digitalization of the national economy and introduction of innovations are being implemented. The path of effective reforms has opened favorable prospects for expanding cooperation with foreign partners in a number of areas, including one of the most basic for Turkmenistan - oil and gas.

It should be recalled that our state possesses fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world. Turkmenistan's rich reserves and advantageous geopolitical location provide opportunities for increasing exports of "blue fuel" to various markets in Asia and Europe. Implementation of oil and gas investment projects strengthens the international partnership that meets the SDGs and strengthens the welfare of the state and the region as a whole.

An example of effective realization of this potential is the Turkmenistan-PRC gas pipeline, which to a certain extent reflects the idea of the Great Silk Road, connecting cities and countries of the mainland. Also a significant milestone in strengthening the reliability of strategic gas supplies from Turkmenistan to China was Launch in mid-January 2021 of the gas compressor station at the Malayan field.

Turkmenistan's oil and gas industry specialists have a solid experience of cooperation with large Chinese companiesThe company has also been able to use the results obtained during the exploration and development of the fields on the right bank of the Amu Darya, the launch of wells and the construction of gas-processing plants at Galkynysh.

The President of Turkmenistan praised the level of relations with China, a major strategic partner of our state. Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the continuous strengthening of bilateral cooperation, based on mutual benefit, equality, and mutual respect.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov stated once again that Turkmenistan timely and fully repaid loans provided by China. This fact confirms that Turkmenistan, being an economically powerful country, responsibly fulfills the commitments it has made.

The President of Turkmenistan also addressed specific instructions to Deputy Prime Minister Shakhym Abdrakhmanov on the implementation of interstate gas agreements, increasing the investment flow into the oil and gas sector and developing new joint projects.

Earlier we wrote that China counts on increased gas supplies from Turkmenistanas reported by Chairman и Foreign Minister. PRC.


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