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Construction of a huge white yurt is nearing completion in Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan

Construction of a huge white yurt is nearing completion in Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan

The construction of a large-scale social and cultural facility in Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan is nearing completion. The "Türkmeniň ak öýi" complex is being built in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan. The specialists of private enterprise "Röwşen" have been entrusted with such a demanding task.

The main purpose of the facilities that make up the "Türkmeniin ak öýi" complex is to hold cultural events of global and national significance and festivities.

The structure is a huge white yurt, which embodies not only the traditional architecture of the Turkmen people, but also modern architectural trends. The interior space is decorated in the original style and has a pronounced national coloring. The ornaments typical of Turkmen carpets, as well as decorative elements reproducing the framework of traditional yurts of Turkmens were used to decorate the building.

The building covers a total area of 11 hectares, reaching a height of more than 45 m. Stained glass and marble were used in the decoration of the new building, and granite was used to clad the plinth and exterior steps.

The first floor of the complex has a hall for 3,000 seats. There is a stage, bandstand and arena. The second floor has a front entrance, a spacious hall combined with a hall for exhibitions and a checkroom. The building will have three cafes, a teahouse, offices and other facilities. The structure will house acoustic systems and other equipment required for the organization of lively performances and crowded forums.

As part of the erected complex - a separate building for the Saddam, which can accommodate 3 thousand people, areas for activities in the open air, parking, helicopter pad, a block of technical facilities and other objects.

At the moment we are finishing the inside of the premises, installing electrical wiring, air cooling and air conditioning systems. The surrounding area is also being landscaped - coniferous trees, bushes and flowers have been planted on an area of 35.418 thousand square meters. The space will be illuminated by 150 lampposts, the shape of which resembles a floor lamp.

"Türkmeniň ak öýi" will harmoniously fit into the new, modern appearance of the administrative center of Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan, formed by new white marble buildings of various purposes. Among them are a well-appointed hotel, a hippodrome, the Palace of Happiness, a sports complex and much more.

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