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Turkmenistan Participates in Central Asia-China Foreign Ministers Meeting

Turkmenistan Participates in Central Asia-China Foreign Ministers Meeting

In Chinese Xi'an took place II Meeting of Foreign Ministers in the "China-Central Asia" Format, with the participation of Foreign Ministers of Turkmenistan - Rashid Meredov, Kazakhstan - Mukhtar Tleuberdi, Uzbekistan - Abdulaziz Kamilov, Kyrgyzstan - Ruslan Kazakbaev, Tajikistan - Sirodjiddin Mukhriddin, China - Wang Yi, Director of the International Institute of Central Asia Anvar Nasirov.

The heads of foreign ministries considered the tasks of strengthening mutual trust, expansion of comprehensive cooperation, implementation of joint projects, promotion of transport and logistics integration and smooth trade turnover, coordination of regional security and counteracting threats and challenges of our time.

It has been unanimously observed that intensifying the CA-PRC dialogue conducive strengthened partnershipsensuring sustainable socio-economic growth, makes it possible to produce measures to deal with the threats and challenges of the modern world, overcoming the crisis of the global global pandemic.

The participants noted the need to extensive IT integration in the transport, communication, trade, investment, energy, customs, tourism, and educational sectors. There is an initiative to create a mechanism intellectual exchange between "think tanks" countries.

A separate topic of discussion was Improvement of infrastructure and multimodal transportationdevelopment of the basis for the integration of Central Asia into the global system of transport corridors. As is known, at the initiative of Turkmenistan a number of projects of transboundary transport corridors are being implemented.

Emphasized focus on environmental partnershipsincluding the Aral problem.

The heads of foreign ministries drew attention to the need to expand direct cooperation between the business circles of the participating countries in order to realize the existing economic potential of interaction.

There was an exchange of views on the promotion of of the peace diplomatic and negotiation process on the Afghan issue. Ministers unanimously expressed an interest in stabilizing life in Afghanistan as soon as possible.

At the end of the forum, the participants, including representatives of Turkmenistan, signed, Memorandum on the creation of a format for meetings of foreign ministers from Central Asia to China, Joint statements on Afghanistan, the interaction in the fighting COVID-19, of the subsequent deepening of interregional partnerships.


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