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Turkmenistan joins the "Victory Dictation" campaign

International historical dictation devoted to the Great Patriotic WarThe rally was held on April 29. Not only residents of the Russian Federation, but also citizens of 80 countries, including Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Germany, China, Uzbekistan, Armenia and other states were able to participate. Taking into account the wide geography of the project in 2021, in addition to the Russian version, tests in English and Chinese will be released.

In 31 countries, the "Victory Dictation" was held in person, and the possibility of online testing was also available. dictantpobedy.rf. About 60 students of the Pushkin Turkmen-Russian secondary school in Ashgabat tested their knowledge. All those who registered on the website were able to join the Turkmen schoolchildren.

Note that in 2020, more than 1 million people in Russia and 75 countries around the world participated in the "Victory Dictation.


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