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Turkmenistan carries out large-scale works to protect the environment - expert opinion


Recently, the world has faced environmental problems as never before, and the further stable development of mankind is possible only after solving these issues. Turkmenistan pays special attention to the protection of nature, and this In an interview with Ainabat Ataeva, the head of the Ecodurmush (Eco-Life) public organization and a teacher at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, said.

Interaction with international organizations

Our state actively participates in the global dialogue, joint implementation of projects aimed at solving the urgent environmental problems faced by the global community (conservation and restoration of water and other natural resources), combating desertification, degradation of soils, global warming and climate change.

Turkmenistan productively cooperates with the UN, the EU, the Global Environment Facility in this area, as well as initiating constructive solutions to planetary environmental problems for the benefit of mankind.

The implementation of the domestic environmental program has borne fruit: the microclimate has significantly improved in all velayats, and especially in the Turkmen foothills.

Environmental cooperation is one of the key vectors of our state's foreign policy.

Environmental Protection of the Caspian Sea

Recently, the riverbeds have been cleaned and brought into proper condition, and the seashore (where Avaza is located) has received a new lease of life. One of the key requirements for all new facilities is environmental friendliness. The terminals of the Turkmenbashi sea port received bio-purification facilities. Globally speaking, the port meets the international standards of Green port. It is worth mentioning that the soil excavated during the construction of the new harbor was used to equip a man-made island for migratory birds in the bay. An artificial island of 170 hectares is now a habitat, nesting and wintering place for many birds. For example, swans especially liked the place, the number of which increased significantly during the winter of 2020-2021.

The coastal zone of the Turkmen Caspian Sea is a crossroads of a number of transcontinental bird migration routes. For example, 1/5 of the world's flamingo population winters here.

Greening of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has a very responsible attitude to the landscaping of the resort area, the breakdown of the park and square area. As the expert noted, the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea is the most environmentally friendly part of the region, this is due to the purposeful environmental work.

It is worth noting that the President of Turkmenistan gives an annual start to the greening campaign. Around Ashgabat there is already formed a belt of green plantations, improving the air quality, contributing to the preservation and improvement of biodiversity. The complex of environmental measures is carried out in the context of national programs and the National Strategy.

Environmentally friendly technology

Turkmenistan fully supports the global community in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while moving towards the application of modernized environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies in industry.


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