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Turkmenistan promotes the integration of Afghanistan into the world community

Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan R.Meredov held a briefing, during which he spoke about the steps taken by the state to integrate the friendly Afghanistan into the world community. The event was primarily dedicated to the launch of operation of a number of important infrastructure facilities: Kerki (Turkmenistan) - Shiberghan (Afghanistan) power transmission line, 30 km long Aqina-Andkhoy railway, International fiber-optic communication line and transit flows between the two countries.

According to the head of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry, these projects are real actions that contribute to the step-by-step involvement of Afghanistan in the economic processes taking place not only on a regional scale, but also in the global community as a whole. Turkmenistan is also conducive to integrating the friendly state into the system of transport and logistics interconnections operating on a continental scale. The successful implementation of all above-mentioned projects will contribute to establishing a bilateral and multilateral partnership. And in the future it will certainly have a positive impact on the global political and geo-economic state of the region.

Previously, Turkmenistan has already implemented a number of important projects: the TAPI gas pipeline, cross-border railroads, power lines and many others. Their purpose is to unite the states of the region and promote their further development.

The Turkmen foreign minister stressed that interaction with international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the CIS, the Eurasian Economic Union and others is no less important in this context. This will allow the formation of a comprehensive system of continental cooperation in Eurasia.


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