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Turkmenistan Improved Its Position in the Global Peace Index

Turkmenistan has changed its position in the Global Peace Index

In 2021, Turkmenistan changed its position in the Global Peace Index, moving up by 7 points and taking 109th place out of a possible 163. Last year, the country was ranked 116th.

This composite ranking measures the peaceableness of countries according to 23 criteria. Its development was carried out by sociologists and economists who are members of the international peace expert group of the Institute for Peace, in cooperation with the Center for Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Sydney. The developers believe that this index shows how safe it is to live in states and regions. Not only internal but also external factors are taken into account.

Each of the 23 indicators included in the rating is determined on a scale of 1 to 5. And the lower the score, the safer the country is. Turkmenistan received an average score of 2.15.

Iceland, which topped the index back in 2008, tops the list. The top 10 countries in 2021 are Denmark, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Canada. At the very bottom of the ranking is Afghanistan.

The post-Soviet countries also show a variety of indicators. Estonia (ranked 30th), Latvia (35th), and Lithuania (37th) were ranked first. Kazakhstan and Moldova were ranked 59th and 60th, respectively. The top 100 list also includes such former Soviet republics as Kyrgyzstan (76), Georgia (89), Uzbekistan (90), Armenia (94) and Tajikistan (97). Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia made it to the second hundred, taking 117, 121, 143 and 154 places, respectively.

To compile the rating, the Peace Index collects and analyzes information from the UN, the World Bank, Transparency International and other global organizations, as well as the research communities of a number of states. At various times prominent political figures and public figures, including former U.S. leaders, crowned heads, and others, have worked on the project.



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