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Turkmenistan Tightens Sanitary and Epidemiological Control at Borders

The President of Turkmenistan was signed ResolutionThe document stiffens sanitary and epidemiological control at state border crossings. The document stipulates The procedure of control at transit checkpoints when crossing the border of the country. In particular, special and more reinforced additional types of it are established. They will be activated in the event of situations that threaten the health of the Turkmen nation.

In addition to these types of control at checkpoints, there will be Decontamination and disinfection work on railways and motor vehicles. When goods subject to mandatory quarantine are imported into the territory of the country, according to the results of their initial inspection, there will be additionally disinfestation with fumigants.

Previously, it was reported that activities are carried out in Turkmenistan to ensure the security of mutual supplies and transit cargo transportation in order to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19 in the country.

A decree signed by the Turkmen leader streamlined the movement of cargo, as well as passenger and cargo transport through border checkpoints. This allowed the relevant agencies of Turkmenistan to establish full control over all customs operations and compliance with sanitary norms in their implementation.


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