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A Turkmen fighter won an MMA tournament in Belarus

April 18, the Republic of Belarus hosted a mixed martial arts tournament - Road to NFG2, broadcasted live on TV channel M-1 Global.

Abdullah Taikhanov, a native of Turkmenistan and a fighter of the MMA Academy in Minsk, took part in the tournament. The opponent of the Turkmen athlete, in the weight category up to 66 kg, was Vladislav Poznyak from Belarus.

It should be noted that Abdullah Taihanov fought his first professional fight in mixed martial arts, but it was not evident in the octagon. The Turkmen fighter needed only 25 seconds to win the fight.

Seizing the initiative from the first seconds, Abdullah unleashed a barrage of blows on his opponent, bringing him to parterre and using a choking hold he forced him to surrender. In his 19 years the Turkmen fighter won a number of champion awards, including gold medals at the World, Turkmenistan and Belarus Karate Championships.

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