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500 jobs for women will be provided by new carpet factory

The Anyk cooperative in Lebap velayat is building a new artistic carpet enterprise that will employ about 500 women.

According to R. Nurlyev, director of the company, they produce various types of carpets, the range of which customers can get acquainted with in the Berkarar shopping mall in the capital of Turkmenistan. Among unusual items are souvenir carpets of large size, portraits and plot carpets. In addition, "Anyk" is known as a manufacturer of Turkmen national outfits.

The launch of the new production will not only increase the number of items offered to consumers, but also provide about 500 jobs for local craftswomen.

Khalach etrap is famous for the factory for the production of artistic carpets, which employs more than 2 thousand people. In the first 3 months of this year, the company's workers managed to weave about 2.8 thousand square meters of carpet products. Now IP "Altyn Gul" is building a branch of the company, which will produce exclusive handmade carpets. This will open another 100 vacancies for this region.


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