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"Turkmennebit increased the volume of additional oil production

In the first quarter of 2020, Turkmenabit Concern showed a 105.9% increase in oil production compared to the same period of 2019. The drilling crews penetrated more than 2,620 meters of rock strata in addition to the plan. Fourteen new wells were put into operation.

Employees of the "Nebitgazchykarysh" trust showed excellent performance results by overhauling 107 wells, 92 of which became operational again. Due to the fact that the efficiency of restored wells increased, additional 21.5 thousand tons of black gold were produced, which allowed to exceed the forecast figure by 4155 tons. For example, the Goturdepi overhaul department restored and restarted 44 wells which yielded 13 thousand tons of oil. The trust uses the latest equipment and installations, including German "Bentek", Chinese "ZJ-70 DS", Russian "Uralmash".

At the moment the overhaul of wells is carried out at the horizon of 3.5-4 km. Due to application of advanced technologies and innovative equipment, Turkmenistan's drillers have significantly increased well penetration and reached a new qualitative level of activity.


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