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High school students from Turkmenistan took part in a landscaping event

Environmental issues are of concern to literally all people around the world. Turkmenistan also attaches great importance to this topic. This is confirmed by the meeting of pupils of the Moscow school with the Turkmen Nature Conservation Society as part of the open lesson.

At the meeting, representatives of the society familiarized the students with the peculiarities of nature of Turkmenistan, describing the rich flora and fauna found in the country and the Central Asian region as a whole. The society presented the school with a set of brochures, from which everyone can learn more about the nature of their native land, the numerous species of animals inhabiting the highlands and the desert areas.

In addition to informative lectures, society representatives involved students in practical actions, expressed in the planting of greenery in the schoolyard.

The purpose of the event was to draw the attention of young people to current environmental issues, to call for careful attitude to natural resources and green spaces. Children should be taught from an early age to love their native land and consciously take care of plants.



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