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Turkmenistan shifts to electronic issuance of waybills

This year, the electronic execution of shipping documents has been put into operation. In the field of logistics, this applies directly to consignment notes.

To work with electronic documents, Turkmenistan's transport organizations have connected to international electronic means of communication. This became possible after the country's accession to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.

After signing the protocol of accession to the Convention, all documents on international freight traffic carried out by Turkmen carriers will be drawn up in electronic form. They will have the same legal force as the paper bills of lading. This way of paperwork will greatly facilitate the transportation of goods, and most importantly, streamline and accelerate the transfer of goods from one forwarder to another. The electronic signature will guarantee the identification of the person responsible for cargo transportation in order to prevent the possibility of fraud.



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