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Ukraine is interested in gas from Turkmenistan

Representatives of Ukraine have expressed interest in gas from Turkmenistan in the event that the launch of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline nevertheless takes place. As a result, the transit of Russian gas through the Ukrainian gas transportation system will be significantly reduced, and in this case Kiev will pay attention to Turkmen gas.

As Serhiy Makohon, head of Ukraine's GTS Operator LLC, told the independent oil and gas online magazine TEKNOBLOG, Ukraine intends to enlist the support of the European Union in opening free gas transit from the Central Asian region to Europe. In his opinion, Europe was interested in these sources, and continues to be interested now. Therefore, the Ukrainian company intends to focus on the development of this direction of cooperation.

The online edition notes that the annual capacity of the Ukrainian GTS is 145 billion cubic meters of "blue fuel" annually. But next year, in accordance with the Russian-Ukrainian contract, Russia will supply to Europe through Ukraine only 40 billion cubic meters.

In order to cut costs, the Ukrainian GTS will reduce its capacity. The head of the company noted that this will make it possible to have tariffs acceptable to the population of Ukraine even in five years, even if Gazprom's transit is lost.

At the same time, Russian media report that Gazprom itself does not rule out the suspension or complete cancellation of the Nord Stream-2 project. This is also mentioned in the memorandum attached to the new placement of the company's bonds. The holding company attributes this to the instability in the political situation in the regions through which the pipeline runs or will run.


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