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Ukrainian OKKO relies on oil products from Turkmenistan

Ukrainian business group OKKO in early 2021 acquired the Kherson oil transshipment complex (HNC) and is going to make an investment of $3 million to upgrade it. Company officials said the new acquisition will enable Strengthen the company's logistics base to improve the efficiency and mobility of petroleum product shipments to its filling stations in the southern and eastern regions of the state. In addition, it is a significant milestone to ensure Diversification of petroleum product suppliers. The vice president of OKKO Y. Kuchabsky emphasized that the acquisition of the port complex opens broad fuel market: under favorable conditions, OKKO will be able to increase the volume of imports oil products from Turkmenistan, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria. In this vein, the figure in 150-200 thousand tons/year.

At the moment there are about 440 gas stations under the management of Concern Galnaftogaz JSC (OKKO group).

KPC includes a harbor for unloading oil tankers and storing fuel, an oil depot with access to railways, and a network of oil product pipelines.


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