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Uzbekistan purchased Turkmen gasoline ECO-93

Uzbekistan imported 5.6 million tons Turkmen gasoline, among other things and stamps ECO-93. The data as of October 1 of this year were published by the publication "Sputnik Uzbekistan", referring to the Republican State Statistics Committee. At the moment, Turkmenistan is in the third position on the volume of gasoline supplied to Uzbekistan, behind only Russia and Kazakhstan.

According to the same newspaper, Turkmen synthetic gasoline of ECO-93 brand first appeared on the national commodity exchange of Uzbekistan in 2020. It is supplied to the country by Nara-Komfort Servis LLC.

ECO-93 synthetic gasoline is an environmentally friendly product produced from Turkmen natural gas. The production facilities are concentrated at a new specialized enterprise located in the territory of the Akhal velayat. The enterprise, launched in 2019, is capable of producing 600 thousand tons of gasoline of the aforementioned brand annually. In the future, the capacity of this gas-chemical complex is planned to increase, which will allow to meet the ever-increasing demand for this product.

ECO-93 gasoline complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard, and its regular use doubles the service life of a car engine. Its excellent characteristics have aroused the interest of motorists abroad. This led to the fact that only for 8 months of this year such countries as Denmark, Great Britain, Afghanistan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia and others have exported more than 145 thousand tons of fuel of this brand.


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