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Development of personal skills - the key to a successful future career of young people

In our country, the harmonious and comprehensive development of young people and their employment is one of the state priorities. The "Union of Economists of Turkmenistan" public association is actively working to promote the development of the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation, primarily with the participation of young people.

Today the Union pays special attention to the creation of programs to improve the digital and personal skills of young people, training coaches in these areas.

To improve the employability of young people and increase their personal potential, the specialists of the Union of Economists developed the modular program "Skills for Success". The program, which has already passed testing and international expertise, included three modules:

  •  "Professional Self-Determination;
  •  "Managing Your Own Potential: How to Achieve High Performance."
  •  "Methods and Tools for Effective Employment."

In order to successfully implement these programs, a system for organizing and training coaches for these modules was developed.

In order to ensure an inclusive approach, the modular program "I can!" was specially developed for young people with disabilities. The aim of this inclusive program is to help young people with disabilities to determine their place in the labor market through the development of supraprofessional skills for effective employment, entrepreneurship and alternative self-employment.

As part of the above areas, on February 22, the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan held a meeting on the results of the first certification of trainers in the field of supraprofessional personal skills.

The event began with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Union of Economists Y. Aronsky, who spoke about the relevance of certification of trainers and the quality of their training and professional development under various training programs of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan.

Speakers - members of the Certification Commission and the Working Group on development of programs and modules, as well as trained and certified trainers discussed the next steps in improving the methodology and development of training programs of the Union of Economists. The meeting was also attended by other active members of the Union and representatives of partner organizations of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan.

This work is conducted by the Union of Economists in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Youth Development for a Successful Future project, implemented in Turkmenistan by JA Worldwide.

Supraprofessional personal skills, also known as "soft skills", along with digital skills, are now considered in the world as important for effective employment and building a successful career as professional knowledge and skills. And the fact that the public association is engaged in the implementation of such an important direction in our country deserves encouragement and all support.

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