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Ashgabat will host an Indian sari contest

On November 12, Ashgabat will host an Indian sari contest. The event was announced by the Indian Embassy in Turkmenistan. Organizers warn contestants that the number of places is limited. Entries can be submitted until November 8. To participate, send a photo of yourself in a sari to the embassy's email address More information can be found on the website of the Embassy in Turkmenistan.

A sari is a traditional seamless garment worn by Indian women, translated from Sanskrit as "a piece of cloth. It has grown in popularity thanks to famous Bollywood movies. Many oriental women dress up in saris for traditional events. There are more than 20 variations of this garment.

The color, embroidery and quality of the fabric of the sari have their own meaning. For example, according to tradition, white sarees were worn by widows, red by brides, etc. The embroidery on the sari, the patterns and the high quality of the fabric meant that its owner was a woman from a wealthy family. Modern sarees can certainly be called a true work of art.


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