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A medieval building is being reconstructed in Turkmenistan

A medieval hydraulic structure, the sardoba, has begun to be reconstructed in Turkmenistan. The unique historical object is located not far from Ashkhabad.

Researchers have calculated the approximate age of the structure, which is now under the thickness of the earth. Presumably, the structure was created between the 14th and 16th centuries, around the time of the Timurid dynasty. Medieval inhabitants stored ice and water in this structure.

Sardoba are monuments of urban everyday life, the construction of which was associated with the caravan routes. The study of such objects is of great interest for scientists from a historical point of view, but the technology of construction can be of practical value in modern construction.

There are about 1,500 monuments of architecture in Turkmenistan. Over the past ten years, 46 objects of high historical and cultural significance have been registered.



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  • Dear Editor!
    This is not reconstruction, but restoration. These two concepts have fundamental differences. Read on the Internet if you don't know.

  • All of our old and new architecture is in the Akhal velayat or Ashgabat, but there is nothing or nothing to restore.