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EBRD Elects New Head for Central Asia

The EBRD introduced André Küüsvek as the newly appointed Managing Director for Central Asian countries. This region is important for the financial institution, investments are estimated at about $15.6 billion.

The appointment will take effect on 1.02.2020, the center of management of the states of the Central Asian region in the EBRD has chosen Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan). A. Kuusvek will manage offices in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia.

According to A. Kuusvek, he is happy to He is happy to return to Kazakhstan, as he has already worked here, and He is happy to take on the leadership of such a significant and promising region. region. The growth of the non-state sector, the integration of local economies into the global planetary one, and improving conditions for business are key areas that the newly-appointed leader notes.

Mr. Kuusvek was born in Estonia, Graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics. He worked at the EBRD's Head Office in He worked in the EBRD's Head Office for Foreign Exchange and Local Capital Markets financing and headed the Bank's departments in Kazakhstan as well as Ukraine. departments of the Bank in Kazakhstan, as well as Ukraine.

The previous Managing Director for Central Asia was Bruno Balvaneru, who left the EBRD.


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