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The State Museum of Turkmenistan held an exhibition on Science Day

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan presented an exhibition marking Science Day. Its exhibits not only allow you to get acquainted with the main milestones of the development of national scientific thought, but also to appreciate the scale of modern achievements.

The exhibition hall contains a gallery of portraits of famous scientists of Turkmenistan, who made a significant contribution to such fields of science as biology, archeology, paleontology, ethnography, geology, philology and many others. Exhibits from the museum funds relating to various research activities illustrate their multifaceted activities. The exhibition features stuffed animals, a variety of minerals and fossils, a collection of herbarium, samples of architectural decorations and ceramics. Guests of the event can also take a look at tools and instruments that have become rarities.

Visiting the artistic section of the exposition, one can get acquainted with the paintings of famous Turkmen painters and works of arts and crafts. The literary component is represented by research works, specialized publications, educational and methodological manuals.

At the opening of the exhibition, students of Ashgabat's universities had the opportunity to talk with many famous figures of applied and academic science. Young researchers and innovators had a unique opportunity to discuss their questions of interest with prominent figures of archaeology, ecology, ethnography and cultural studies of Turkmenistan.


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