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In Kazakhstan, the Caspian seal was included in the Red Book

On November 9, the Caspian seal was listed as a rare and endangered animal by the government of Kazakhstan. Previously, this species has already been included in the Red Books of other Caspian states: Turkmenistan (2011)Azerbaijan (1993) and the Russian Federation (2020).

The uniqueness of this species is that:

  • he refers to EndemicsThe Caspian Sea is its only habitat;
  • this species of seal (Phoca caspica) - smallest in the world;
  • is the only mammal inhabiting the Caspian Sea.

Unfortunately, there are very few Caspian seals left, which was the reason for their inclusion on the list endangered species International Union for Conservation of Nature. Nowadays the number of Caspian seals not exceeding 100 thousand.The number of the children was more than one million at the end of the nineteenth century.


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