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Astrakhan governor talks about cooperation with Turkmenistan

Igor Babushkin, Governor of the Astrakhan Region of the Russian Federation in his extended interview with Interfax he spoke about the development of cooperation with Turkmenistan. The politician said that in 2020 he held talks and discussed the vectors of cooperation with a number of major partners from the Caspian Sea countries. Babushkin named the following as the key vector Increasing the volume of freight traffic along the North-South logistics corridor, and emphasized the interest of Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan in increase in mutual trade turnoverThe governor of Astrakhan noted Turkmenistan's interest in establishing a joint project with Turkmenistan. The Astrakhan governor noted Turkmenistan's interest in establishing of the Turkmenbashi-Olya motor ferry service. It was mentioned that the Astrakhan leadership is discussing the emergence of Turkmen and Kazakh trade and logistics centers.

The governor also mentioned the construction of two dry cargo container ships and two special-purpose vessels for Turkmenistan at Astrakhan shipyards.


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