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UN assesses maternity protection policy in Turkmenistan

Based on statistics collected from around the world, the UN ranks Turkmenistan among the leaders in ensuring safe motherhood. According to UN calculations, in 2019 our country had one of the lowest death rates for women during childbirth among Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

Maternity support is a key component of social policy in Turkmenistan. Various programs are being implemented in the country aimed at improving the system of medical care, supporting the family and traditional values, increasing the birth rate, and preventing various diseases.

Among the initiatives being implemented in Turkmenistan is a national program under the auspices of the WHO on breastfeeding and combating anemia. Efforts are also being made to reduce morbidity, particularly in the area of infectious diseases. With the support of the authorities, the Ene Myakhri Center for Mother and Child Health has been built.

Guarantees and benefits established at the legislative level play an important role in supporting mothers.


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