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Scientist from the Institute of Chemistry helped increase cement production at 20%

The use of scientific developments of R. Nurberdyev, the employee of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, promoted 20% growth of cement output at the plants of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan. The scientist received a patent for his invention from the State Service for Intellectual Property.

Nurberdiyev made a proposal to add special mineral additives obtained from basalt porphyrites of the "Ufra" deposit (Balkan velayat). The innovation caused a number of improvements: growth of production and improvement of cement quality parameters, reduction of raw material consumption and wasted resources (gas, electricity), improvement of environmental friendliness of production.

After the testing of the mini-additives proposed by the scientist, Lebap Cement Plant was issued a quality certificate for cement 400-G20-K. Further cooperation between scientists and manufacturers is planned to obtain cement of 500-G20-K grade.


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