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Turkmenistan Taekwondo Championship (ITF) takes place in the capital

Taekwondo according to the ITF refers to the spectacular sport competitions. This martial art is aimed at self-defense, and in addition to physical training, it also has a philosophical meaning.

The Turkmen Taekwondo Federation (ITF) organized demonstration performances by athletes of different levels for lovers of martial arts during the national championship.

Multiple champion of Turkmenistan, Central Asia, the owner of the Asian Cup, O. Chariev showed the audience a real show. He easily "fought off" three opponents who attacked simultaneously, broke boards and literally floated above the stage.

M. Agaeva, a champion of Turkmenistan and a winner of international competitions, proved that military martial arts are also suitable for women. She graciously handled two opponents, which delighted the audience.

The audience applauded and supported their idols during sparring. With bated breath they watched O. Annamuradov, who broke several layers of tiles with one blow.

Athletes demonstrated special stances, most of which start from defensive positions, which once again emphasizes the peaceful basis of taekwondo.


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