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Ashgabat botanical garden resumed work

The months-long reconstruction of the botanical garden in the capital of Turkmenistan has come to an end. The staff of the green oasis have made every effort to open the favorite resting place of the citizens by the Day of Ashgabat, which will be celebrated on May 25.

After the reconstruction, the buildings in the botanical garden were transformed and its infrastructure became more elaborate. Plantings were grouped by species and place of origin, and now it will be much more convenient for guests to study the exhibited specimens. And most importantly, scientific and practical activities on the introduction and adaptation of plants will continue to be carried out here.

Veteran biology scientists, who worked in the botanical garden in their youth, were present at the opening and praised the landscaping work done by their followers.

The Ashgabat Botanical Garden is located near the agrouniversity, on 12 hectares of its territory there is an arboretum. Some trees were planted here before 1981.

The schedule of visits to the garden for citizens will be published in the near future.


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