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Ashgabat introduces electronic trading system

The state trading network in the capital of Turkmenistan will be equipped with a centralized electronic system developed by the Center of Computer Technologies of the Ministry of Trade and VES and the Agzybirlik Tilsimaty joint venture.

For this purpose, Agzybirlik Tilsimaty created 300 sets of POS equipment to automate processes, which will be handed over to the Ministry of Trade and WES stores. We are talking about touch screen computers, receipt printers, cash drawers, scanners and bar code printers.

The centralized digital system makes it possible to track the movement of goods online. This makes it possible to organize the effective work of management and marketing in the retail chain, in particular, to ensure uninterrupted supply of goods, and to introduce electronic reporting of sales and purchase calculations.

Buyers will be able to read information about stores, the range of products and place an order for delivery on the relevant web resources. This information will help build an understanding of demand in the Turkmen market.

The introduction of the electronic system should be completed by the end of this year. After Ashgabat, stores in the country's velayats will be connected to the e-commerce system.


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  • Ehhh, If only they had added Turkmenistan NFC payment would have been cooler and everything.