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Turkmenistan's capital celebrated the opening of the country's main Christmas tree

December 15 The opening of the fairytale town and the main Christmas tree of the country, which is traditionally located on the square of the center "Älem", took place. 41-meter green beauty Decorated with balloons, twinkling garlands, beads, tinsel, and an eight-rayed star.

This year, Ayaz Baba and his granddaughter, Garpamyk, began their festive journey from the intersection of Taslam Street and Makhtumkuli Avenue. Together with the young residents of the capital participating in the procession, the main heroes of the New Year holidays rode along the new buildings, the "Gül zemin" shopping mall, and the monument "Turkmen Alabai".

Upon arriving at the Älem center, the merry company led by Ayaz Baba and Harpamyk found themselves in a real fairy tale. A sparkling archway, mysterious paths leading to unusual little houses and figurines, magic lanterns and beautiful music - here reigns a festive New Year atmosphere.

At the end of the holiday, to the delight of children and all those present the lights were lit on the main Christmas tree of the capital, and after it - and other Christmas beauties set all over the country.


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