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Warming will come to Turkmenistan

According to forecasters, Turkmenistan will get warmer, which will affect even the northern regions of the country. Also, the population of some areas should prepare for possible rain, and on some days, strong winds.

Ashgabat and Akhal Velayat will meet Monday with a temperature of +13оС. Tuesday and Thursday will bring warming to +15оC, but Saturday will not only bring a cold snap to +11оC, and precipitation up to 1 mm. The last day of the week will be even colder - about +5оС.

A similar situation is observed in Balkan velayatIt will be a little warmer, though. Monday will start with a temperature of +12оC, which may rise to +14оС. Thursday will be sharply warmer to +19оC, and on Friday - up to +20оС. On Saturday the thermometers will fall again to +12оС. Precipitation of up to 1.8 mm is also expected in the region on this day. On Sunday, temperatures will drop to +8оС.

Residents Dashoguz velayat The temperature here will barely reach the levels of the previous two velayats. On Monday, the thermometers will reach the maximum value of +7оC, and from Tuesday to Friday the numbers will fluctuate between +9оС...+11оС. Saturday will bring colder temperatures and heavy rains. At the highest daytime temperature of +8оC in the region will fall up to 5.8 mm of precipitation. The last day of the week will be marked by strong winds with gusts up to 15 m/s, and the temperature will drop to +3оС.

В Mary regionFrom Monday to Thursday, the daytime temperature will be in the range of +13оС...+16оС. Friday will warm up to +17оС. On Saturday it will be a little cooler to +15оC, and some precipitation is also possible. On Sunday, the temperature maximum will be +8оС. Also in the region there may be rainfall of up to 1.4 mm.

Monday at Lebap velayat will start at +9оC, and from Tuesday the thermometers may rise up to +12оС...+14оС. And this situation will last until Friday inclusive. On Saturday it will be even warmer - up to +15оC, but on the same day, not only rain (up to 2.8 mm), but also wind with gusts up to 15 m/s is forecasted. All this will lead to a colder weather on Sunday - on this day the air will not get warmer than +7оC, rain possible.

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