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Turkmenistan will create a database to monitor all vehicles

The creation of an electronic database of transport systems in Turkmenistan will be carried out in three stages.

Bayramgeldi Ovezov, deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers for the Transport and Communication Complex, announced the process to be implemented by the Türkmenawtoulaglary agency at a meeting on April 10.

As part of the phased work it is planned to install the GPS system on local vehicles performing auto service in Turkmenistan, as well as on foreign vehicles in transit.

The first phase of the plan will establish a digital monitoring system that will cover the speed, location, route, technical condition and fuel consumption of passenger buses and light cabs operating in Turkmenistan. In the second phase, trucks in Turkmenistan will be digitally integrated into the system and their traffic will be monitored.

In the third stage, control of local cars traveling abroad will be established. An electronic permit will be issued for them to travel abroad.

Based on the central database, a vehicle map will be created to track foreign vehicles arriving and passing through Turkmenistan.

The digitization of the transport system will be carried out by the Türkmenaragatnaşyk Agency's Türkmentehnogurluşyk closed joint-stock company.

According to Deputy Prime Minister B. Ovezov, the relevant work will be completed by October 1.

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