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In Turkmenistan, the number of bank cards in circulation is close to 5 million

The number of bank cards in circulation in Turkmenistan has reached 4,981,000. This is 210,000 more than in 2021, according to the data Central Bank countries.

Plastic cards of "Daihanbank" are used by 1,796,886 citizens. Also in the top three are banks "Turkmenistan" and "Halkbank" (976,227 and 548,882 cards, respectively).

The number of ATMs in Turkmenistan has also increased significantly in recent years. As of August 1, there were 2,152 ATM terminals in the country.

Most ATMs are in Ashgabat - 453, 447 in Mary velayat, 444 in Lebap, 283 in Dashoguz, 279 in Balkan and 246 in Akhal.

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