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Turkmenistan plans to grow Russian potatoes

Russian potato varieties are planned to be grown in Turkmenistan. Specialists at the Turkmen Agricultural University conducted research work to study the growth and yields of several potato varieties imported to Turkmenistan from the Russian Federation under local soil and weather conditions, the Bereketli Toprak newspaper reported.

The varieties "Ariel", "Zhukovsky", "Beauty of Meschera", "Armada", "Udacha", "Gulliver", "Metlor", "Granada", "Vimpel" and "Krepush" were planted in the experimental plot.

The results of scientific research showed that among the 10 varieties tested, three varieties - "Ariel", "Zhukovsky" and "Beauty of Meschera" are able to grow and yield well in the soil and weather conditions of Turkmenistan.

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