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Turkmenistan awarded the country's best etrap

In Turkmenistan the best etrap in the country was determined by the results of the past year. The S. A. Niyazov etrap was awarded this honorary title. S.A. Niyazov. The honoring of the winner took place in the village of Bagtyyar (Dashoguz province).

Competitions of this kind have been held in Turkmenistan for more than 7 years. The winner is determined by a special commission based on the final results of socio-economic, social and cultural activities. If an etrap succeeds in all of the above areas, it receives a special award from the President of the country.

The current winner was named during an enlarged meeting of the Cabinet, held on February 12. The head of state also gave an order to encourage the winner etrap with a cash prize.

The results that the President of Turkmenistan got acquainted with showed that last year over 41.5 thousand tons of raw cotton and 32 thousand tons of wheat were harvested in the Niyazov district of Dashoguz province, while significant volumes of potatoes and other agricultural products were grown.

In 2021, it was decided to allocate 16 thousand hectares of land for sowing winter wheat, and for cotton - 21 thousand hectares. It is planned to carry out cultivation of other crops as well.

At the stage also operates a large-scale cattle breeding complex, allowing simultaneously keep half a thousand heads of pedigree cattle, which will allow the production of an extensive list of names of meat and dairy products.

The village of Bagtyýar zaman, which has a developed infrastructure as close as possible to the urban one, was also erected here. It was in its territory that the events were held, in which delegates of the National Center of Trade Unions, leaders of khakimliks of both velayat and etraps, community leaders, toilers and honorary elders took part. During the event, a congratulatory letter from the head of state was read out and a cash prize in the amount of $1 million was awarded.


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