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In Turkmenistan, Gorturdepenet oilmen produced 1.3 million tons of oil in 2020

В 2020 year by the oil industry "Goturdepenebit." production from the working wells more than 1,313 thousand tons of oilis on 6% more volume 2019 year. Over the past year, 17 wells were put into operation, and 15 are being explored at a Stakhanovite pace. In particular, oil workers are working hard on Goturdepenow daily production of oil in the field is 4 thousand tons.

The oilfields of Turkmenistan are equipped with the most modern equipment and innovative technologies are applied. The development strategy of Goturdepenebit oil and gas complex of Nebitgazchykarysh Trust of Turkmennebit State Concern is focused on exploration of new hydrocarbons and efficient development of fields using the latest technologies.

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