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School fairs opened in Turkmenistan

Mekdep bazary

The season of school fairs has started in Turkmenistan. A month before the new school year, traditional rows of shops were set up near the country's major shopping centers and markets, the Turkmenistan newspaper reported.

There is a wide range of school supplies, you can buy everything you need - school and sports uniforms, shoes, stationery and writing materials, bags, backpacks, and much more. Most of them are made by Turkmen entrepreneurs.

A special place in the stalls is allotted to goods for first-graders and elementary school students. We should add that there are 1,875 secondary general and specialized schools in the country, and the number of first-graders grows year by year.

For high school and college students, school fairs also offer everything they need. This year, more than 82,000 young people received their high school diplomas. Most of them replaced their school desks with benches at universities and vocational schools across the country.

The fairs will work until the end of summer.


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