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Rice harvesting campaign is coming to an end in Turkmenistan

Rice harvesting begins at the moment when about 85-90% of rice grains in panicles mature, which can be traced by the change in the color of the spikelets. The harvesting of this valuable crop is now coming to an end in Turkmenistan. As reported by Orient with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan, by this moment the rice crop has already been harvested for 82.5 thousand tons.

The most extensive areas of rice are located in the northern part of the country - in Dashoguz province. This region of Turkmenistan provides the most part of needs of the country in this useful grain. The Dashoguz rice meets high quality criteria: it doesn't boil and is perfect for cooking crumbly pilaf.

After harvesting, the rice grains are dried and cleaned, and then they are stored in special warehouses at a humidity of no more than 15%.

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