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An alligator farm to be built in Turkmenistan

A Turkmen company engaged in turkey breeding in the Akhal velayat plans to open an alligator farm.

This was reported to Arzuw News by Maksat Ibragimov, coordinator of Maksada okgunly, which operates in turkey breeding at the industrial level based on the concept developed by European specialists since 2013.

The company plans to build five tanks on an area of 5.5 hectares, designed for the simultaneous breeding of 180 alligators.

Stating that one of the main objectives of diversification of the domestic agricultural sector, Ibragimov noted that as a measure for the appropriate disposal of organic waste from the slaughterhouse of the turkey complex decided to breed alligators.

"Alligator breeding corresponds to the concept of our turkey breeding complex. We also envisage the construction of a new farm that fits harmoniously into the former complex," Ibragimov said.

Maksada okgunly currently produces turkey products on a 250-hectare site on a production chain that extends from the hatcheries to the slaughterhouses.

Maksat Ibragimov, coordinator of Maksada okgunly

Noting the alligators' ability to grow and reproduce in Turkmenistan's climate, Ibragimov spoke about the alligators' resistance to heat up to 38 degrees Celsius.

They are characterized by a strong immune system. Eating any organic food may not affect their health.

Alligators bury their eggs in the sand. Sand from the Karakum Desert is considered suitable for their breeding.

The company coordinator emphasizes this. Alligator egg sex can be controlled by adjusting the temperature of the sand. The alligator lays 55-100 eggs at a time.

By opening an alligator farm in Turkmenistan, we will provide a new place for the growth and reproduction of this species. I believe it will be a contribution to the world ecosystem.

On the world market, the price per square centimeter of alligator skin ranges from $50-55 USD.

Unlike crocodile leather, processing 75% alligator leather can produce a variety of products.

Ibragimov said that taking into account these factors, the company plans to open an alligator farm and be the first in the country to establish agro-tourism.

"Alligators have always attracted human attention. We will be able to organize tours that include a turkey breeding facility and an alligator farm," said the company coordinator.

Maksada okgunly is currently negotiating to import alligators 35-55 centimeters long from the United States.

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