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"Turkmen-Transit held a conference on "Digital Transformation"

Turkmen Transit" HO in the The forum "Digital Transformation" was held at the administrative center of Dashoguz province. Guests and participants in the event, aimed at improving digital local entrepreneurs, workers of the public sector, were the guests and participants in the event aimed at improving digital literacy.

During the conference, its organizers told the audience about digital solutions in business, which contribute to its improvement. Thanks to the presented video presentations, the participants of the event were able to learn the specifics of the introduction of electronic document management, and also received comprehensive information about 1C and CRM-product "Bitrix 24". Employees of Turkmen-Tranzit HO told about cybersecurity, the latest generation of smart terminals and production automation.

Representatives of the company also acquainted the audience with their developments. These included current websites, applications, and TT Gate.

In addition to the conference, there was also the opening of the Dashoguz representative office Turkmen-Transit" business association. Its activities will contribute to The activities of "Turkmen-Transit" will accelerate digitalization of the northern regions of Turkmenistan.

"Turkmen Transit" was created in 2010, and in March 2019, a unit responsible for cyber security was added to its structure. Since the end of January 2020, the company began organizing presentations in all regions of Turkmenistan. The first one was held in Turkmenbashi.


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