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Turkmenistan hosts a literary festival of Turkmen-Uzbek friendship

The festival of Turkmen-Uzbek friendship is currently gaining momentum in the Dashoguz administrative and territorial center. A book exhibition is on display as part of this event. Works by classics and contemporaries of the Turkmen people of all genres can be read or browsed by taking a book from the display rack. Prose, poetry, fiction, scientific and educational literature is widely represented.

Festival guests will meet Uzbek and Turkmen writers, poets and literary figures who will share with the readers the secrets of their profession, reveal its importance in today's society and read people's favorite works. At the end, they will answer all questions of interest.

Creative meeting with famous writers will certainly leave an indelible mark in the soul of the participants of the literary festival. Excursions to the museum, located on the first floor of the library, and the book depository are planned. This will allow attendees to learn a lot of interesting and useful about the technology used by librarians.



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