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Robotics competition among students and schoolchildren took place in Turkmenistan

The robotics competition held at Specialized Secondary School No. 87 started in the capital of Turkmenistan. The participants included students from this school, Ashgabat School No. 97, students from the Oil and Gas University, and a number of military schools.

Handmade works by children, traditional Turkmen cuisine, and various stands reflecting knowledge in chemistry, biology, and computer technology were exhibited at the demonstration sites.

The two-day robotics competition is not a one-time event. To prepare perfectly for the event, high school and college students have experimented more than once with building robots at their educational institutions.

Turkmen schools, colleges and universities in the country have the opportunity to use digital technology in the learning process and significantly improve computer knowledge.

As a result, the best in the nomination "Japanese Sumo" was a student of a military school, and in the position of competition "Labyrinth" - a student of Ashgabat school No. 87.

These students were able to put their knowledge of high-tech and robotics into practice.



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