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Students of Turkmenistan took part in an Internet Olympiad in chemistry

Students from more than twenty countries are currently competing in the International Internet Olympiad in Chemistry held at the State University of Turkmenistan. The opening ceremony of the Olympiad was held on November 14 welcoming all participants of the event whose number had hardly reached 300.

Among the Turkmen participants are students of universities in the country where chemistry is studied as a major subject or as a non-core discipline.

The competition was planned in the format of staged categories "A" and "B". International experts were part of the jury, whose task was not only to develop tasks of different levels of complexity offered to students, but also to identify the best participants.

A competent jury will review and analyze the work of the students. The winners will be announced after the Olympiad results are summarized. They will be awarded diplomas of three degrees of distinction.



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