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A creative competition among female military personnel was held in Turkmenistan

The Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan organized a creative competition to encourage and congratulate charming women who chose the military profession on International Women's Day. The final part of this event, held under the slogan "Women, you are a model of military valor", was held at the cultural center of the Military Institute.

В According to the verdict of the competent jury, the third place in the creative competition received immediately two of its participants - Lachin Mejidova and Aina Khaidarova. Both contestants have a military rank of "captain".

The third The third place went to Petty Officer Syakhra Khalmamedova, and the winner of the creative competition was Gulbahar Gurbanmuradova, who also has the rank of Gulbahar Gurbanmyradova, who also has the military rank of "petty officer.

The winners of the competition, as well as its active participants received valuable prizes and certificates of merit.


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