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Promoting cycling in Turkmenistan

Promoting cycling in Turkmenistan

Hakimlik and public organizations of the capital of Turkmenistan have taken the initiative to hold 10-25 May 2021 ecological actions to popularize cycling for all comers.

In the modern world, the importance of environmental problems is more acute than ever before. The tradition of regular bicycle marathons in Turkmenistan was established by the Head of State, whose environmental initiatives are highly appreciated outside the country.

Bicycle rallies are one of the most proven types of socially significant actions, and they are organized in many countries to support a variety of sports, social, and environmental initiatives. Turkmen bike rallies are becoming an integration platform for citizens and villagers, young people and older people, pedestrians and drivers.

Bike rallies strengthen the well-being of citizens and popularize cycling. Such eco-sports events become a motivation for the participants and bring a positive charge, while entertaining and making them think about health and ecology.

Promoting cycling will be a worthy part of the series of events timed to coincide with the 140th anniversary of the founding of Ashgabat.


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