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Construction of mudflow protection structures started in Turkmenistan

July 23, Ashgabat, /Arzuw NEWS/. The Russian company Vozrozhdenie has started practical implementation of the project to build a complex of mudflow protection structures in the southern part of the capital of Turkmenistan - the land works have been carried out since early July 2020. One of the subcontractors of the project informed Arzuw NEWS.

As part of the project, it is planned to equip eight mudflow reservoirs, where the beds of 12 logs characterized by an increased risk of debris flow will be brought together. According to the project, the engineering structures will be able to protect Ashgabat from debris flows with the highest flow exceeding 300 m3/с.

Vozrozhdeniye has engaged the Sevkavgiprovodkhoz Design and Research Institute in Pyatigorsk to develop the project. This scientific institution was founded in 1927, and today it is one of the largest design organizations working in the field of Russian water management. "Sevkavgiprovodkhoz" was involved in the design of facilities located in the most mudflow-prone areas of the Russian Federation.

The project for Ashgabat assumes the placement of dams above the urban development and key transport communications. This will completely eliminate the risk of destruction of urban infrastructure from mudflows.

The mudflow protection dam is designed like a dam. It has the resilience necessary to accept a maximum volume of debris flow at a time, and to withstand without damage the seismic activity of magnitude 9-9.5.

The solid fractions of the debris flow will be retained in the dam's upstream pool, and the filtered water will enter concrete channels connected to the existing Ashgabat Canal.

It is reported that the work, which began in July, as well as the whole complex of necessary works for the erection of mudflow protection structures, will not affect the life of the capital in any way. There will be no road closures and other types of domestic discomfort. In addition, it is planned to reconstruct three bridges across the Ashgabat Canal and to renew its concrete lining on the section from Serkhovuzly to the Karakum River.

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