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Turkmenistan builds Akhal-Balkan-Dashoguz ring energy system

Turkmenistan is implementing the first stage of a large-scale program to build a ring energy system Akhal-Balkan-Dashoguz. It should make the power grids of the above-mentioned provinces unified. This, in turn, will ensure the reliability and sustainability of regional power supply.

The initial stage starts from the Gutly substation and ends at the Balkan Velayat administering center. Every day contractors are laying about 40 reinforced concrete bases, as well as the installation of fifteen supporting steel structures. At the same time, the construction of the Serdar-220 power plant is underway.

Since the start of construction work, almost 270 poles have been installed. Completion of the transmission line installation is scheduled for August. In the time remaining until then, the contractors must install 1.5 thousand poles and lay 5.5 thousand foundation slabs. The project also provides for the installation of related equipment manufactured in accordance with current European standards. The fact that several contractors are working on the entire 420 km route helps to speed up the construction of the 220 kV transmission line. All provincial branches of the power network builders, private entrepreneurs and divisions of the State Electricity Corporation "Turkmenenergo" are engaged in erection of reinforced concrete supports. The general contractor is Turkmenenergostroy.

The promising project was financed by ADB, which provided a soft loan for this purpose. Using these funds, the State Electricity Corporation "Turkmenenergo", which is the customer of the construction, has purchased the equipment, materials and vehicles required for the work and signed a number of contracts. All equipment, machinery, mechanisms, as well as wires and supports are already at the construction sites.

The key goal of this large-scale project is to increase the volume of electricity generation, improve the social and domestic environment, and substantially increase the industry's export capacity. Thanks to the ring structure, it will be possible to make mutual reservations between the metropolitan and velayat power systems, as well as prompt troubleshooting without much inconvenience for consumers.


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