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National Healthy Nutrition Program comes into effect in Turkmenistan

With the assistance of UNICEF and WHO, Turkmenistan has Turkmenistan has developed a national program to support healthy diets among the population. which will be in effect from 2020 until 2025.

The goal of this program is to Raising the health status of people living in Turkmenistan and Reducing the incidence of illnesses caused by inappropriate eating habits The programme aims to raise the health status of people living in Turkmenistan and reduce the incidence of illnesses caused by unhealthy eating habits. Thus, preventive measures will be stepped up The health sector will be intensified, and cooperation between the various sectors of In that connection, preventive measures in the health sector will be stepped up, and cooperation between various sectors of State influence will be strengthened in order to achieve the main goal of organizing healthy The main goal is to organize healthy nutrition for the Turkmen people.

In order to realize the tasks that have been set The realization of these goals requires coordinated work not only in the medical sphere, but also in the sphere of The social protection, education, food, and agro-industrial sectors are also in need of coordinated work. Particular attention is paid to Particular attention is paid to the safety of the food that reaches the tables of citizens of Turkmenistan. The key positions in these issues have been fixed in the Program for the coming for the coming 5 years.

It should be noted that the previous Turkmenistan's national program on healthy nutrition was developed for 2013-2017, and it became the basis for creating the current plan for 2020-2025. years.

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