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"The Arrogant Girl" on the stage of the Kemine State Drama Theater in Mary

Last weekend, the State Drama Theater named after Kemine in Mary city hosted a performance of "Tekepbir gyz" (Arrogant Girl), staged by the theater director and artistic director Ata Gullarov, based on a play written by the famous playwright, People's Writer of Turkmenistan Govshutgeldy Danatarov.

The action of the performance takes viewers back several centuries, to the time of the famous khans of the Turkmen state.

In a local village lives a couple who have three daughters. Two of them are exemplary, hard-working and modest. As for the third, she is the exact opposite of her sisters, but, by design, the khan takes her as his wife.

Having moved in with her husband, the "Arrogant Girl" has no intention of changing, but thanks to the courageous actions of her intelligent and prudent lover, the new wife begins to learn embroidery, felting a felt mat, and other household chores.

After a while, the mother and sisters of the main character decided to visit their relative, and when they saw what she was doing, they were pleasantly surprised, because the daughter, who previously could not hold a needle in her hands, had sewn a magnificent costume for her husband. The performance ended with a graceful dance that underscored all the charm of the performance.

The play caused a storm of positive emotions and a storm of applause from the audience.

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